Wed 9th Jan

Only managed one gym session today arrived around 0730 and did running for 30 min (12.5kmph 3%), 6 sets of abs and some planks followed by 15 min stair master increasing the effort every minute: 20x crunches super slow and controlled, 20x bent knee leg raises curling tight up to lift hips at the end of the movement, plank for 40 sec, 20x crunches, 20x crunch with 10kg plate and bring knees in extend arms and legs then raise both, plank, more crunches and some knee raises at dip station, plank.

I have also been making a point of stretching, I did have a bout of shinsplints last year but the stretching appears to prevent this.

The abs workout gets quite (bloody) hard towards the end.

Eats today: B rice porridge (with various additions of gammon pieces, peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms, etc) dumplings and pickled beans. L Granola with soya milk. D soup of tomato egg and pork balls. Quite a Chinese theme today

Image              2013-01-09 18.21.49



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