Wed 9th Jan

Only managed one gym session today arrived around 0730 and did running for 30 min (12.5kmph 3%), 6 sets of abs and some planks followed by 15 min stair master increasing the effort every minute: 20x crunches super slow and controlled, 20x bent knee leg raises curling tight up to lift hips at the end of the movement, plank for 40 sec, 20x crunches, 20x crunch with 10kg plate and bring knees in extend arms and legs then raise both, plank, more crunches and some knee raises at dip station, plank.

I have also been making a point of stretching, I did have a bout of shinsplints last year but the stretching appears to prevent this.

The abs workout gets quite (bloody) hard towards the end.

Eats today: B rice porridge (with various additions of gammon pieces, peas, sweetcorn, mushrooms, etc) dumplings and pickled beans. L Granola with soya milk. D soup of tomato egg and pork balls. Quite a Chinese theme today

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Progress so far 2-8 Jan 2013

Managed to get to the gym Wed, Thurs & Fri last week Combination of compound lifts followed by 30 min on treadmill averaging about 11 kmph 3.5% incline. No alcohol. Saturday gentle walk with family Burbage to Grindleford (station cafe bacon butty and pint of tea). One pint in evening and 2 glasses of red. Dinner was one beef one fish stirfry and steamed rice. Sunday no exercise ate sparingly fish and veg, two glasses of red wine.

In future will be splitting Gym sessions to 8 per week Mornings weights, Evenings cardio and abs, partly because I cant get up early enough to do everything, partly because it would be too knakering and partly because I have to encourage the missus who is too lazy to get up in the morning

Monday 7th:

meals: B pancake omlette bacon beans wrap, L Granola, D Granola

Gym (am) 5×5 of Benchpress, Deadlifts, Dips, Military Press

Gym (pm) 30 Minutes Treadmill average 12.5 kmph grad 3%

Tues 8th

Meals: B rice porridge and dumplings, L rice porridge, D tuna sandwich + milo

Gym (am) 5×5 Bent over rows, Squats, Pull ups and upright rows

Gym (pm) 30 mins kettle-bells class power/cardio.


Latest weight 90 kg one kg lost


This blog is a natural continuation of a thread started on the UK Climbing forums, which posed two questions, how hard is it really to lose weight and how do you define a healthy weight/shape/size? 

For most people losing weight boils down to a simple mass balance: energy in – energy used = excess energy (which is stored as fat). Fat fascists, who often presume skinny =  fit, love this equation because it is an excuse to label anyone carrying a few extra pounds as a self-indulgent, sweaty, wheezing slob; Hurtful tho’ this maybe it does not render the 1st law of thermodynamics untrue.

How to define a healthy weight is less simple; BMI can be skewed by higher than average muscle mass, body fat percentage is difficult to measure and simple waist measurements are flawed because people store fat in different areas of their bodies. That said I suspect we all, in our hearts, know if we have too much wobbly stuff without resorting to any of the above. Personally I would like to have some muscle definition and that means getting down to at most 10% body fat, at the moment I am 91 kg ~18 % body fat so I need to lose about 8 kg; incidentally this would change my BMI from 27 to 25, just within the acceptable range, perhaps I do have some muscle after all but probably not as much as I would like to kid myself.

I started this blog to document how easy or hard, enjoyable or painful this process would be. I hope people find it interesting, helpful or even motivating please feel free to comment sharing your tips or achievements. I intend to update daily with details of diet, exercise and anything else of relevance.